Client: Forum Group
Architect: Agarwal & Agarwal
Area: 2.50 Acres
Landscape Cost: 1.45 Crores
Status: Completed in 2008

Technopolis, developed as Kolkata’s first gold rated green building project, marks the gateway to Salt Lake Electronics Complex. A very constricted site demanded the landscape details to be more refined, not only to serve the purpose of clear circulation, access management, parking load etc but also to maximize the green potential of every corner.

Technopolis is known for its unique feature of a grand canopy that floats over its wide drive-in plaza, 10m high, 15m wide and 85m long. The double height slanted glazing wall of the atrium landing on water strips that connects the inside to the outside, the tripods supporting the lofty metal canopy, the plaza extending out into an inward sloping green lawn guarding off the view of parking,- all combine to enhance the scale and splendor of the drive-in experience at Technopolis.

Landscape lighting design plays an important role in this project. Strong flood up-lighters mounted atop the customized poles light up the entire canopy from below, and the reflected glow is sufficient for the green space beyond the driveway. The system not only adheres to the strict regulations set by LEED but also successfully reduces the cumulative load requirement of individual landscape light fixtures.