Location: Kolkata
Area: 10.04 Acres
Status: Since 2014

Siddha Galaxia is an expression of a grand and luxurious living merged with an affordable community centric interactive area within the self sufficient estate. The landscape concept transpires motion in its various forms, garnering inspiration from movement and activity. It’s being realised in the design experience in terms of its fluidity, continuity, connectivity and functionality.

A landscaping loop with all the major design components such as the exercise area, kids play area, huge central lawn, the amphitheatre and the seating courts within form the nucleus of the apartments, with the central garden then connecting to the podium through a ramp walk, which has an extensive multipurpose garden surrounded by steps for seating, a badminton court, a pavilion and a play area. The premium feature of this project is the elevated Skywalk landscape design which weaves through multiple obstacles of the mandatory architecture components to generate a seamless sequence of connecting spaces and offering variety of outdoor experiences atop the towers.