Sector V, Salt Lake City, Kolkata

Client: Ambuja Group
Architect: Agarwal & Agarwal
Area: 3.80 Acres
Status: Completed

The scope for landscape design in this project was particularly limited, owing to service and architecture restrictions and only the front area was up for the design. However, a great design is one which transforms the limitations to assets. The cornerstone of the design lies in its simplicity, minimalism and restraint of the palette. The drop-off grand water body and feature wall are the highlights of the entire landscape and their design is coherent with the lucid articulation of the interior lobby.

An extensive palette of trees, tropical shrubs, ground cover and water plants have been internally weaved into the overall design concept with careful consideration of the environment. This space serves as a constant reminder as to how greenery can bridge the ever increasing gap between urbanity and nature.