Client: The Chatterjee Group
Architect: Arcop Associates / U+A
Area: 5.00 Acres
Status: Completed in 2009

The primary challenge of doing the landscape setting of this IT Park was the rigid sense of enclosure, the internal road network, existing palm trees and large underground water tanks. A central courtyard replete with these royal palms amidst hard paved areas was designed as an interactive zone for its occupants.

Visitors frequenting the food joints were permitted to spill out to this open area, which called for more sit-outs and an amphitheatre-like arrangement to accommodate informal interaction.

Permanent black granite seating’s and tables were used to complement the materials used for the main structure. As an improvisation, the hard paved plaza was converted into a grand set of steps foreseeing the extensive use of outdoor seating. The same area had the flexibility of coming alive at night by virtue of gatherings, launch parties and other IT events. This also led to installation of contemporary, effective and efficient lighting system.