Manila, Philippines

Location: Manila, Philippines
Area: 2 Acres
Status: Since 2012, Finishing Stage

The 53 storied luxury boutique hotel and residential suites is already dominating the skyline of the Manila Bay as one of the landmark project in recent times. The boutique hotel with its distinct European touch epitomizes exclusivity and style right from the arrival experience at the ground level marked by rich cobbled drive-in porch, the sound of water overflowing the grand stone-cut urn and selected exotic plants, wrapping the space.

The landscape is experienced at multiple levels of the tower between the 8th, 27th, 48th and the 53rd floor of the building including the grand European style terrace designed for the penthouse. The intricate motif design in the pool along with the classical semi-circular arbour, the stone cut pottery and outdoor furniture make the experience charming and rejuvenating. The elaborate English garden on the terrace with its classical cabanas, the observatory point, the water spouts and the colorful palette of plantations makes one feel on top of the world.