New Delhi

Client: Times of India Group
Master Planner & Architect: Pentago, Malaysia
Area: 2.00 Acres
Status: Ongoing since 2012

The old world charm of Lutyens’ bungalow gave way to a luxurious Tuscan villa that will change the skyline of this part of Tilak Marg in new Delhi. The biggest challenge of this project was retaining the 55 mature, existing trees within the land parcel.

he villa structures were designed literally to weave through these trees unfurling numerous courtyards holding the trees and creating spaces of different scales and functions. Highlights of the design include a grand drop-off porch next to a water court and an elaborate family lawn holding the prominent curvaceous shape of a swimming pool.

The client’s fascination and passion for art led to the creation of a sculpture courtyard, an artists’ garden and an antiques’ garden strung around this family lawn under the dense canopy of the existing trees.